Douglas Dunnavant

Douglas was born April 9th, 1979 to Doug and Cyndi Dunnavnt, in Tucson, Arizona. Both his parents were deeply committed to Christ and had invested their lives by serving in His church, so naturally that same discipline was taught to him at an early age. From the time he was born, Douglas began to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ.

When he was five years old sitting next to his parents in Sunday Service, the Pastor began to give a message about Heaven and Hell. Hell of course was not the desired destination for this young boy. As the Pastor continued to explain,  Douglas understood that the only way to avoid the torment of hell was to accept Jesus Christ into your heart. This seemed like a no brainer for him, and as the invitation was given, Douglas made his way down to the Pastor, and asked Jesus into his life.

The years passed, and Douglas continued to serve Jesus and His church. At the age of 13 while attending a youth summer camp, Douglas decided to completely sell out to Jesus. He had accepted Jesus as a young boy, but was now reaffirming his relationship with him as a young man. This was a turning point for him. Jesus was now not just his Savior, but he was his Lord as well.

Douglas finished high school in 1997 and was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Arizona. There he studied Theater Arts, and his faith was put to the test. As with any young man entering the world, he was bombarded with many temptations.  But, he remembered whom he served, and stayed true to the commitment he had made. Douglas is proud to say that he was able to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001, and did not have to pay a cent; all four years of college were paid through scholarships. Douglas does not claim that this happened because of himself, but he believes this was just one of many blessings bestowed upon him, as a reward for the commitment he held onto, to stay true to a Christ-like walk.

In 2001, Douglas began to work in the youth ministries with Crossroads. He also included his love for drama by working with the youth and young adults in several church productions.

While serving at Crossroads, he met a beautiful young woman, who was also very commited to her walk with Christ. It didn't take  long for this friendship to develop into something much more precious. On July 15, 2006, Douglas married the love of his life, Julie.

Douglas and Julie now work hand in hand serving Christ and the church He has blessed them with. They work in several different ministries, and are quick to get involved with more.

Douglas and Julie have a son ( 10 years)  a daughter (9 years) another daughter (1 years old) and a brand new son (3 months old) 

Doug and Julie are currently serving as Youth directors, and Ministers of Education for Crossroads Church. They have recently opened the church's first Private Christian school called:  "The Funace-Crossroads Christian Education,"   and are now enrolling students grades kindegarten thru High School.

Douglas and Julie are excited to see what Christ is going to do in this new chapter of their lives. With Christ as their center, and Crossroads as their church family, they are hopeful and expectant of the bright future that awaits them.

  July 2020  
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